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US House Committee Passes CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act With Support of 60 Congress Members

Bitcoin 23 Sep 2023
Congressman Tom Emmer detailed that the bill halts the efforts of the Biden administration “from issuing a financial surveillance tool that will undermine the American way of life.” CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act Advances ... It halts the efforts of this Administrative ...

Is Wall Street’s crypto acknowledgment just for show or…?

Cryptopolitan 22 Sep 2023
This token, existing on a blockchain, can encapsulate a multitude of details, from ownership records to transaction histories ... The benefits? Streamlined administrative tasks, with blockchain eliminating the need for multiple transaction record updates ... the term “blockchain” still carries the stigma of the often-volatile crypto realm ... ....

Busan is developing an Ethereum-compatible mainnet to become a 'Blockchain City'

The Coin Telegraph 21 Sep 2023
The city administration behind the project aims to make Busan a blockchain city and has launched a $75 million development plan to realize the goal ....

Understanding Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

Finance Magnates 20 Sep 2023
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or DAOs, have emerged as a game-changing notion in the ever-changing landscape of blockchain technology ... Understanding Blockchain Governance ... To facilitate decision-making and the administration of assets, they use smart contracts, which are self-executing code on a blockchain ... Recognizing Blockchain Governance.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Developer With Stark Warning, It’s Not the First Time

CryptoPotato 12 Sep 2023
Shiba Inu official and Marketing Strategist of Shibarium, going by the name LUCIE (on X/Twitter), alerted the community about malicious projects containing the name of the memecoin and its recently launched layer-2 blockchain solution.� ... The information was provided by the Shiba Inu administrator, known as DaVinci.�.

Northern Trust Developing Digital Platform for Institutional Voluntary Carbon Credit Transactions

Enid News & Eagle 11 Sep 2023
Northern Trust Asset Servicing has been a leading innovator in the digital transformation of securities servicing, including pioneering the use of blockchain technology in private equity fund administration in 2017, supporting the tokenization and fractionalization of bonds in ...

Congressman Tom Emmer proposes amendment to curb SEC’s crypto oversight

Cryptopolitan 09 Sep 2023
This initiative aligns with Emmer’s previous efforts to enhance regulatory transparency, including the introduction of the Blockchain Regulatory Certainty Act earlier this year ... has abused his authority to grow the Administrative State to the detriment of the American people.

Tencent launches a new ChatGPT model

Financial Express 08 Sep 2023
Chinese technology corporation Tencent unveiled its “Hunyuan” AI. Follow Us ... Also ReadAI and blockchain to ‘reshape sectors’. With insights from a recent report, the two administrations are expected to continue to engage in diplomatic talks but haven’t made any headway toward establishing a timeline for ending the ban, Cointelegraph concluded ... .

Ripple Labs chair criticizes Joe Biden’s crypto policy

Cryptopolitan 07 Sep 2023
In another aspect of the interview, Larsen lamented the impact of Biden’s crypto policies on San Francisco’s prospects of becoming the “blockchain capital of the world.” Despite Silicon Valley’s reputation as a tech hub, Larsen believes that the Biden administration’s decisions have hindered the city’s progress in the blockchain space.

Ripple Co-Founder Chris Larsen: U.S. Legal System to Resurrect Crypto Industry

Bitcoin World 07 Sep 2023
Larsen also lamented the influence of the Biden administration on San Francisco’s ambitions to be the “blockchain capital of the world.” He claimed that the administration’s policies have stifled the city’s progress by driving the cryptocurrency business offshore.

Cardano role in entertainment transformation

CryptoNewsZ 07 Sep 2023
Because of ADA’s advanced blockchain technology capabilities, how the material is distributed, how viewers interact with it, and who owns it have all been significantly changed ... ADA’s Blockchain Foundation ... Cardano’s PoS method is ecologically and energy-friendly, unlike some blockchain networks.

Blockchain technology and its impact on accounting processes

B & FT Online 04 Sep 2023
One of such innovations on the rise in recent years is the blockchain technology ... Every entry into a blockchain is a transaction that represents an exchange of value between participants ... Blockchain also removes the need for a central administrator when making transactions because it is a decentralized and distributed (shared) ledger technology.

dYdX Community Approves V4 Upgrade & DYDX Token Migration

Crypto Economy 04 Sep 2023
This decision, approved through a Snapshot vote, brings significant changes that pave the way for dYdX’s departure from Ethereum and its transition to a standalone Layer-1 Proof-of-Stake blockchain network ... of DYDX tokens from the Ethereum blockchain to the dYdX chain.

Cross-border investments and digitalisation are redefining estate planning for expats

Khaleejtimes 04 Sep 2023
In the UAE, the Emirates Blockchain Strategy is catalysing a move toward paperless administrative processes while inducing immutability, higher transparency, and accessibility into the system ... And as blockchain is a decentralised medium with no geographical or administrative ...

The highway out of poverty: Technology enabling equitable access to social protection systems

Financial Express 31 Aug 2023
Blockchain offers decentralised and tamper-proof record-keeping capabilities, ensuring transparency and accountability in land records, supply chain management, and financial transactions. Smart contracts powered by blockchain can also automate compliance, reduce bureaucracy, and streamline public administration and service delivery processes ... .